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Pradas Renovations, Inc has been established since 2005.

At Pradas Renovations, our mission is to take your vision and paint your space exactly how you imagine it.  Our Pradas team has cultivated special skills through many years of experience to be able to professionally achieve the high quality results you are looking for.  Paint has a unique power to transform a room to convey a certain feel, dependent on your industry.  A good paint job can provide an inviting experience to your employees, clients or guests.  Color is a reflection of you and/or your business.  We hold ourselves to high standards to make sure your project is an excellent representation of you and/or your business.  We are flexible to work with, and are reliably on time.  At Pradas Renovations, we like to leave places better than the conditions we start in.  Our priority is to make You happy, and be Pradas Proud!


About the Founder

Vaidas Butauskas has loved painting, drawing and art since a child. He’s always been very attentive to detail. His wife, Ingrid, smilingly said, “he likes things to be so perfect, that even each of his hangers in the closet must be perfectly spaced apart, and everything has to be neat and orderly!” Of course, Vaidas just smiled.

So how did Vaidas get into the painting industry? Here he shares how he got started!

“Back in 2000, I was living in Florida working various jobs. I had just come from Lithuania with only $200 in my pocket and a hard work ethic to reach for the American Dream.  At the time, a good friend of mine called me from Chicago, and asked, ‘What are you doing way out in Florida, Vaidas? Come to Chicago, and work with me on these big paint projects!’  Having friends in Chicago, and steady work opportunities, ‘what did I have to lose?’ I thought, and ventured to Chicago.  My friend did leave out one small detail in the job description until after I moved here — that I would be painting skyscrapers (hundreds of feet in the sky)! I had to overcome my fear of heights really fast, there was no going back to Florida. After I overcame my challenge of painting high rise buildings in the sky, I felt I could do anything! Then in 2005, I started my own company, Pradas Renovations, inc. and began commercial projects independently.  In 2010, I made a friend in one of my paint projects. We painted alongside each other and became good friends.  We share the same work ethic and values.  I’ve watched him do an excellent job supervising paint crews and wanted him to partner with me and expand Pradas Renovations, Inc.  Since 2014, we have painted many successful projects together for many happy clients. We want to make people Pradas Proud of our work!”

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