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time & cost it takes to replace or paint your siding.

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In our free demo, we apply a patch of Renu™ to your siding, also see the difference Renu™ makes.  You decide if it’s for you.

When weather damages your siding,  Vinyl Renu™ is to the rescue!

Your siding has undergone many different weather conditions.  Over the years the weather can greatly affect the beauty and integrity of your siding.  Oxidation (the primary cause of loss of color) fades vinyl siding to lose it’s color and luster.  It breaks down the vinyl itself, making the faded vinyl siding brittle and susceptible to cracking.


Vinyl Renu™ is versatile and can be applied to restore various surfaces. Our team is equipped with the right talent and tools to provide this amazing service on:

 •Faded Fiber Cement

• Faded Aluminum/Steel Siding

• Painted Cedar Shakes

• Previously Painted Siding

• Nearly All Outdoor Surfaces

“PRADAS is my biz of choice since 2005, for sustaining the beauty of my home!” 

 – Michelle S., A happy long time client.


Benefits of Vinyl Renu™
Renu™ is an innovative service in it’s own league.  You’re actually one of the first to hear about it here.
About Renu™:

  • Restores color and luster of faded vinyl siding (and other surfaces, too!)
  • Prevents future fading and oxidation, lasts up to 10 years!!
  • Environmentally friendly, water-based low VOC green solution
  • Clear, protective shield that doesn’t crack, peel or discolor
  • Helps protect against UV Rays and acid rain
  • Resists and protects against mold, mildew and fungus stains for several years
  • More affordable than siding replacement and a faster application than a paint job!

BOTTOM LINE: Vinyl Renu™ Is Fast, Easy and Saves Money as it Reduces Landfill Waste!

Our motto at Pradas Renovations is:
Precision + Integrity = High-End Value.
We apply it in every aspect of our services to ensure you receive the best service.

Professional Expertise

There really is an art and skill to painting. You name it — and we’ve most likely painted it, or at least something similar. With precision, our team members have painted skyscrapers, mansions, offices, corporate buildings, factories, cabinets, giant pipes, narrow pipes, etc. for several years. We follow standardized procedures for our painting operations, modeled after PDCA’s Craftsmanship Operating Procedures. Our quality control standards are exceptionally high and our painters are among the best in the business to make our happy clients Pradas Proud!

High-End Quality

The secret to achieving high quality results begins with proper preparation. We prepare with precision and are equipped with professional tools to execute a job well done.

We are happy to answer your questions.  We’re here to serve you and make you Pradas Proud!

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Compare Vinyl Siding Options

Vinyl Renu™ is the quickest, easiest and least expensive method to restore faded vinyl and aluminum siding. The beautiful color and luster of your restored siding will outlast most replacement siding and definitely outlast painting it.

      Before and After Renu™ transformation Photos

Here is an example of the difference Vinyl Renu™ makes applied to old vinyl siding on a townhouse.  Again, we’d be happy to give you a free, no pressure, hassle free demonstration on your own old siding.

Are You ready to Renu™ your siding?
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Call us at 847-912-3737 for a FREE No Pressure, Demonstration, & Estimate!

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