What is a Soft Wash Service?

Soft Wash — A low pressure approach to clean and kill algae, fungus, and mildew on the exterior of your home.  We use special nozzles at the end of a wand to apply chemicals safe for plants and people that loosens even the toughest buildup on any surface.

Pradas Renovations has invested in the best low pressure equipment and training to offer such services.

How is it different from pressure washing?

Pressure washing uses brute force and so even the slightest slip can cause permanent damage. Soft washing is a more effective in every wayway.

Here’s why:

Pressure washing is excellent for rough, hard surfaces such as concrete.  However, it can strip off and cause further wear and tear on surfaces such as siding and or masonry.  

Soft washing is gentle, even on old mortar.  Our soft washing formula gets into even the smallest crevice to remove mold, fungus and algae from growing—without hurting your house plants. And it is perfectly safe for people.

Most importantly, it’s a great maintenance service that will extend the life of your paint, siding or masonry


  • Roofs
  • Decks
  • Siding
  • Masonry
  • Stucco
  • Fences
  • and much more  

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